Creating new employment opportunities would take the Aerotropolis from leading to world-class

6 February 2024

This week’s launch by the State Government of one of the biggest economic development projects undertaken in Australia, the new City of Bradfield, is welcomed by local organisations in Western Sydney.

The Bradfield City Centre Master Plan outlines the new 114-hectare city that adjoins the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

The proposal details areas for the new city, including homes, streets and roads, city blocks, parks and open space, commercial and retail precincts while addressing how the required infrastructure will be developed.

Chief Executive Officer of BC Land, Nils Miller, has supported both the State and Federal Government’s work on the project, but is continuing to call for the creation of new employment hubs to accommodate for population growth throughout Western Sydney.

“The Masterplan is light on detail when it comes to surrounding employment hubs. With the population continuing to grow throughout the region, providing greater access to employment opportunities is fundamental in establishing a more holistic precinct that builds for the future,” Mr. Miller said.

Mr. Miller supports comments made by the Minister for Western Sydney, the Hon. Prue Car MP, who said “Western Sydney is the third largest regional economy in Australia, with one of the most rapidly growing populations. Providing better paid, highly skilled jobs close to where people live, with the right infrastructure, is key to improving the lives of people in Western Sydney. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform Western Sydney and can only be realised if we work together to ensure it benefits everyone.”

Mr. Miller adds, “In order for the Government to achieve this objective, we must encourage businesses to establish themselves at the Aerotropolis and surrounding precincts, so that we can better capture the employment and investment opportunities that it creates.”

Mr. Miller said the businesses being developed around the new airport started out being centred around aviation, but the area is now attracting a wider set of businesses.

BC Land is developing an industrial hub on 14 hectares at Badgerys Creek on Lawson Road and Pitt Street, one of the two access roads to the airport and one of the closest sites to the Aerotropolis.

“Our site is already attracting interest from partners and potential tenants. This includes providers of freight services and logistics along with light manufacturers seeking to service the new airport.”

“These businesses are realising that they can occupy premises for less than half the price they are up for at Mascot airport,” added Mr. Miller.

He forecast these business developments would soon be followed by residential developments, as people increasingly seek to be no more than 30 minutes from their place of work.

“Businesses need to come first, which will in turn then lead to residential developments nearby.”