Mirvac: Opt for Cities for Out Performance

5 June 2021

This week, Mirvac released a report on Australian Cities exploring whether recent events will cause cities to be “un-made”.

Real estate investors globally have benefited from the mega-trend of urbanisation over the past two decades. Since the onset of the pandemic, shifts in population movements, consumption and working arrangements have raised the question – is this the tipping point in urbanisation?

The paper finds that, while drivers for liveability and urbanisation are more multifarious than are often understood, the strong gravitational forces of Australia’s cities remain intact and underpin a long future runway of outperformance. These include;

  • Quality of life is reported to be higher in cities
  • Unique demographic make up
  • CBDs generate economic outperformance
  • Cities attract highly skilled workforce.

Review the entire report below.