Demolition marks commencement of construction at Barwon Business Park

27 March 2024

Barwon Business Park takes its first step towards a transformative future with the commencement of demolition on-site to pave the way for an innovative strata office development. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Barwon River and the city skyline, this project heralds a new era for this industrial precinct along the Barwon River, promising a revitalisation that capitalises on the area’s natural beauty.

Developed by IDS Developments, Barwon Business Park has already garnered significant interest, with 65% of its strata offices already sold prior to construction. Phil Petch, the Founder of IDS, expressed his excitement for the project, citing the site’s undeniable potential. “The location is simply too remarkable to overlook. Whilst it should have been an ideal location for high-end residential development, current zoning means the land is restricted to commercial purposes. This auger well for future capital growth,” said Petch. The completion of the business park is slated for the latter half of next year, promising a modern workspace in a spectacular setting.

Michael De Stefano, Gartland Projects Director, says the development is highly appealing to owner-occupiers from various professional industries. “The interest in Barwon Business Park has surged with the onset of construction, indicating a strong demand for premium office spaces in this desirable location,” noted De Stefano.

State MP Christine Couzens, joining the stakeholders on-site for the demolition inspection, expressed her support for the project’s role in rejuvenating the neighbourhood. “Geelong needs quality office accommodation, and Barwon Business Park sets a precedent for future developments along the Barwon River,” remarked Couzens.

Geelong Architect Mark Gratwick, alongside developers Phil Petch and Michael De Stefano, provided a firsthand update on the project’s progress to MP Couzens, highlighting the strategic relocation of the site to offer stunning views of the Barwon River. “The regeneration of this area will not only enhance the local economy but also create vibrant, mixed-use spaces that cater to the evolving needs of the community,” added Mr. Gratwick.

Brian Haratsis, Founder of Macroplan, echoed this sentiment, underlining the emergence of professional clusters in Newtown and the subsequent demand for mixed-use developments. “Barwon Business Park aligns with the trend towards integrated spaces, combining offices, retail, and residential areas to create dynamic neighbourhoods,” stated Haratsis.

For the fortunate buyers who have already invested in Barwon Business Park, anticipation is high for the completion of the project, which will offer not only panoramic views but also cutting-edge facilities to impress clients and collaborators.

As construction progresses, Barwon Business Park stands poised to be a beacon of modernity and progress in Geelong, setting the stage for further transformation and growth along the picturesque banks of the Barwon River.