Abacus Property’s 2020 Sustainability Report

9 November 2020

Abacus has positioned itself as a strong asset backed, annuity style investment house focused on the ownership and management of real estate assets.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Abacus have released their 2020 Sustainability Report which provides their stakeholders an update on their approach and achievements to sustainability.

Abacus recognise that their approach to sustainability is not just about a duty of care to recognised stakeholders, but also to the environment in which they operate.

Their approach is embedded by 8 guiding principles:

  • Facilitating the identification and implementation of ESG legislative requirements ;
  • Managing buildings efficiently to reduce costs and investing in alternative energy supplies to reduce emissions where appropriate;
  • Incorporating environmental considerations including climate change risk, adaptation and resilience in decision-making processes ;
  • Ongoing communication with stakeholders on ESG issues;
  • Equip employees to respond to, and meet sustainability objectives;
  • Working with suppliers to ensure they understand, commit to and meet our standards for environmental management and human rights;
  • Maintaining a safety-aware culture ensuring proper standards of WHS for employees and other key stakeholders visiting, or working properties;
  • Using influence where we do not have control by collaborating with key stakeholders (for example, tenants and co-investors) to optimise sustainable outcomes and environmental benefit as appropriate

The full report, along with a summary of the Groups achievements against can be found in the link below.

A copy of the Report can be downloaded