Top Deal Makers in 2019

13 January 2020

A wrap up of commercial real estate transactions from 2019 reveals that the domestic heavyweights extended their dominance in the market increasing their share of activity from 11% to 17%.


Real Estate transactional data from RESourceData showed that the Top 10 Buyers invested over $9bn (net of disposals) in 2019, up from $7bn in 2018. Whilst global capital played a significant role in the direct investments in both 2018 and 2019, it has been the domestic managers who have extended their dominance accounting for 87% of activity in the top 10, vs 60% in the prior year.


The domestic managers, have however raised significant amounts of capital from offshore markets to support their investment programs. The results demonstrate the strength of the convictions held by the major domestic managers and their ability to source and place capital across the real estate market.


RESourceData assess the Top 10 by examining the Net Investment Position for each Investment Manager which adds the value of all the acquisitions and deducts the value of all their disposals they have made in the year.


This data shows how strong an Investment Manager’s convictions are, how deep their capital base is and whether this leads them to be strong seller or a strong buyer.