Tipalea Lodges DA for Second Tasmanian Childcare Centre

10 May 2024

Leading developer Tipalea Partners is poised to lodge a Development Application with Sorell Council for Sorell Childcare – a new state-of-the-art long daycare centre set to cater to pent-up demand for childcare in Tasmania’s capital.

Located at the junction of the Tasman and Arthur Highways, the new cutting-edge 110-place centre will set a new standard for childcare with bespoke architectural design by award-winning firm Brown Falconer and interactive public art.

It marks Tipalea’s second childcare project in Tasmania, following DA approval for a new 116-place daycare centre near its popular Glebe Hill Village shopping centre in Howrah. With a focus on Tasmanian development, Tipalea also has a further two retail projects currently underway at Kingston and Devonport.

Recent research reveals growing demand for quality long day care facilities in south-east Tasmania. With only 309 daycare places available in the Sorell and Dodges Ferry region, despite a population of 968 children under five years of age, estimated occupancy rates have surged to over 90% and sit well above the Tasmanian average.

Demand for childcare in Sorell is also tipped to rise in line with the increasing local population as several new residential estates near completion, including Pawleena Park and Sorell Estate. The local community is expected to grow by over 10% by 2028, representing an increase of over 2,200 people.

“Sorell Childcare will provide critically needed daycare places for Sorell’s growing community, plus bring added convenience for busy families – providing best-in-class facilities for quality care and early learning, all within a highly connected location,” said Jack Hunter, Development Manager at Tipalea Partners.

“Long daycare vacancies are limited in Sorell, with many children on extensive waiting lists for the area’s existing childcare centres. Working parents can find themselves waiting for over a year before their child receives a place.”

Sorell Childcare will offer over 110 licensed places for children aged 0 to 5 years. The proposed plans also include a full-service kitchen and almost 1,000 square metres of dedicated outdoor play space.

One area where Tipalea differentiates its centre from others is its investment in public art.

“Our design team have been working hard on public art ideas for Sorell Childcare and has come up with a concept called “I Hear You”, which has drawn inspiration from other public facilities around the world. It is a sculptural form designed to enable communication between two kids; it’s bright, colourful and interactive and engages various senses, while the design will likely reference local plant life,” said Mr. Hunter.

According to the architect, Sorell Childcare has been designed to complement the local surroundings.

“Set on the plains between Mount Morrison and the Pitt Water estuary, Sorell Childcare embraces a contemporary barn aesthetic to create a well-considered building that sits comfortably in the landscape,” said architect Brown Falconer.

“Both form and materiality offer a warm, homely and human scale while also fostering engaging learning environments, internally and externally.

The feature gable roof forms, strategically placed at both the main entrance and significant street-facing façade, create visual continuity from multiple vantage points integrating the development further into the growing residential area.”

With a prominent and highly accessible location, Sorell Childcare is just minutes from the nearby Sorell Primary School and offers close connectivity to Sorell’s Coles and Woolworths shopping centres, adding further convenience for busy, working parents.

Pending DA approval, construction on Sorell Childcare is expected to commence later this year, with the new centre expected to welcome its first placements in late 2025.

Given the restricted number of daycare placements within the catchment, parents and carers are encouraged to access early enrolment details by joining Sorell Childcare’s Community List using the below link:


Carers can connect with other parents in Sorell and Dodges Ferry and gain access to exclusive updates by joining Sorell Childcare’s dedicated Facebook page: