Take advantage of our platform

21 February 2020

APMNews offers a range of marketing opportunities that you may find useful for your business.


You may have noticed that Australian Property Markets.News has no advertising which allows us to create a clean, uncluttered user experience.


Instead we currently allow third parties to use our site via;

  • Sponsored Case Studies
  • Branded and Tailored Newsletters


Sponsored Case Studies

We recently introduced sponsored Case Studies as a way to allow different suppliers of goods or services to the industry to showcase their capabilities to add value to clients. We guide the sponsors through the process of creating and editing the content to suite our audience.


Our Case Studies appear on our landing page, on their own separate page and amongst news items when a relevant real estate sector is chosen.


Refer to a recent Case Study on the work Gripfast undertook for the Multiple Sclerosis Society


The results for our initial Sponsors have been encouraging and absolutely cost effective.


Branded Tailored Newsletters

We issue a weekly newsletter to our own subscribers, however we also issue the same newsletter (or parts of it) to subscription lists compiled by other Funds Managers and real estate consultants and agents.


In the Sponsored newsletters, we adopt the groups branding for of the newsletter to their subscribers and we incorporate other content that they wish to include, for example, marketing materials, events information etc.


These Sponsors can also create content on the News website that becomes restricted content just for their clients.


These tools allow you to better inform your clients on the property industry in partnership with APM.News, without having to create your own content.


If you are interested in either of these marketing opportunities, contact us for more details.