Points Policy

1 July 2018

Subscription readers are able to gain points from opening and engaging with the weekly Property News & Views publication. Points are awarded as follows; 50 points for opening newsletter (1) 50 points per article click (2) 50 points for contribution of unique transaction information submitted to editor (3) 200 points for successful subscription referral (4) Bonus points will be available and clearly marked on some content from time to time. Points are awarded from publications issued from the 12th November 2018. Points are awarded for activities completed before 12 noon on the Friday after the issue of a publication and based on response data from Campaign Monitors. To be eligible, participants must allow Campaign Monitor to monitor content. A redemption arrangement will be available in 2019 to enable readers to use points for a range of services. Details to come. (1) subject to a maximum 50 points per week to avoid multiple points. (2) subject to a maximum of 50 points per article to avoid multiple points. Links to items in the header and footer of the newsletter are not included ie www.cmaust.com, email addresses, CMA policies, subscription or subscription links or to Your Points. (3) Points awarded at Editors discretion (4) New subscriber to confirm referral.