New suburbs around Western Sydney Airport set to boom as completion draws closer

25 March 2024

The transformation of the regions surrounding the new Western Sydney Airport continues to gain traction, with the listing of two significant land parcels in nearby Bradfield.

Situated directly adjacent to the new airport site, Bradfield is set to be Sydney’s new Western Sydney hub, with the significant $1.5 billion commitment to lay the foundation for the city including roads, sewage, water and electricity networks.

As the Aerotropolis Core evolves into a central hub for Enterprise, Business, and Light Industry, the 2026 inauguration of the airport is anticipated to catapult the region into a significant economic nucleus.

The forecasts for growth in this area are substantial, with predictions indicating that the Western Sydney Aerotropolis will become a cornerstone for job creation and economic activity in the region.

One of the properties, 42 Derwent Road in Bradfield provides 18.83 hectares and is zoned for Enterprise and Light Industry, with existing improvements including a landscape and composting business.

It is listed with the Colliers team of Thomas Mosca, Nick Estephen and Harry Bui, with price expectations north of $35 million.

“The New South Wales Government’s commitment of $1.15 billion is a testament to the anticipated magnitude of this transformation, aimed at establishing a robust foundation for the city’s future. The investment in infrastructure is a deliberate strategy to entice private capital, particularly from leading manufacturing and engineering firms,” Mr. Mosca said.

Another standout property bordering the International Airport to the west is 122 Mersey Road in Bradfield, which stretches out over 4.05-hectares and has an optimal layout for developers providing a clean slate. The Enterprise Zoning provides flexibility for a range of commercial and industrial style development.

It is listed with the Colliers team of Thomas Mosca and Nick Estephen.

“122 Mersey Road is not merely an investment in land; it is a stake in the future economic prosperity of Western Sydney. As the area develops, the property is expected to appreciate, bolstered by the significant infrastructure development and the influx of jobs and services that Bradfield City and the Aerotropolis Core are set to bring,” Mr. Estephen added.

Investment into the region is already flowing with a consortium of Australian superannuation funds acquiring a 280-hectare site named Burra Park. Located adjacent to the airport, the sale signals major confidence in the future of the region, with over $4 billion worth of projects in the pipeline and the aim to deliver more than 400,000sqm of GFA in the next seven years.