New Balance relocates Australian Headquarters to Morris Moor, Moorabbin

4 July 2023

New Balance, a global leader in athletic footwear and apparel, is excited to announce the relocation of its Australian headquarters to Morris Moor in Moorabbin, a visionary destination by Up Property. The move signifies a strategic decision to establish a dynamic and inspiring workspace that aligns with the company’s growth plans, ESG and cultural values.

New Balance was drawn to Up Property’s Morris Moor due to its exceptional architectural design, resembling the company’s iconic USA headquarters in Boston. The state-of-the-art facilities and carefully curated fit-out at Morris Moor provide an ideal blend of functionality and aesthetics reminiscent of the vibrant atmosphere that characterises New Balance’s American location.

According to Pat Burke, Principal, MP Burke Commercial, the leasing agent responsible for facilitating the deal on behalf of New Balance and UP Property said, “Understanding the needs and objectives to create a standout work environment, which was to energise staff at New Balance to return to a stimulating and collaborative workspace in a location that offered exceptional facilities. Morris Moor stood out as the best, most creative work environment; the perfect destination, given its design and impressive character space, high ceilings, on-site parking and comprehensive amenities.”

New Balance’s commitment to fostering a motivated workforce drove the decision to move to Morris Moor. By relocating to a location that appeals to a younger demographic, the company aims to attract and retain top talent. New Balance recognises that employees’ well- being and work-life balance contribute significantly to productivity and overall business success.

Morris Moor is a development by Up Property, and General Manager Marcus Jankie said, “We are thrilled to welcome New Balance to Morris Moor. Our expansive facility brings together all the elements that modern businesses seek. From various amenities such as yoga studios, sporting facilities, pubs, and cafes, to ample parking and excellent transport links, we have created an environment that offers everything under one roof.”

The move to Morris Moor signifies a strategic reset for New Balance, signalling a shift away from a traditional office setting and embracing a fresh, contemporary work environment. By mimicking its Boston headquarters’ ambience and architectural elements, New Balance aims to redefine its culture and create a space that fosters creativity, connectivity, and collaboration among employees.

“The move also defines the global company’s long-standing commitment & support for the local community. Other national & international brands contemplating a move will view NB’s decision to remain in the area at a significant discount to inner city locations such as Cremorne and South Yarra as important they also seek to retain key staff, boost productivity and limit disruption whilst delivering an exceptional work experience for their business,” explained Pat.

Where other developers would have started again and demolished the 1950s factory in Moorabbin, UP Property set about painstakingly bringing it back to life, and Morris Moor is once again a destination for those on-site and the community who frequent the hospitality, retail, and recreational spaces.

In repurposing existing buildings like these, Up Property has saved over 19 million kilograms of embodied carbon, the equivalent of 400 rail cars full of coal. It would take over 7,500 hectares or 4,300 MCG ovals of eucalyptus forest to absorb that amount of carbon over an entire year.

The site now boasts a Net Zero Carbon building operations target with an all-electric design, 5-star NABERS specification, energy-efficient independently controlled VRV mech services, rooftop solar photovoltaic system (up to 245kw system), five electric vehicle chargers and end-of-trip facilities to encourage local commuting.

“Up Property has worked diligently to create a unique and enticing workplace that exceeds community standards in ESG. This venture has proven successful, attracting high-profile tenants such as New Balance, delivering extraordinary results and reducing environmental impact and operating costs. The investment made in the development of Morris Moor has paid off, offering a remarkable alternative to conventional business parks,” says Pat.

New Balance acknowledges the need to meet these heightened standards as the workforce’s expectations evolve. The company understands that providing a high-quality work environment boosts employee satisfaction, enhances productivity, and attracts top industry talent. By embracing this mindset, New Balance aims to position itself as an industry leader in offering an all-encompassing workspace experience.