Judith Neilson moves Chippendale Performance space at $88m.

10 February 2020

Judith Neilson has transferred the Phoenix project at 37 O'Conner Street into a new company for $88.88M.


Zimbabwean-born Neilson has been a keen art collector and poured tens of millions of dollars into philanthropic arts projects in Chippendale, including White Rabbit Gallery, becoming one of the 50 most powerful people in Australian art.


The project which was completed in December last year, is adjacent to Judith Neilson's Indigo Slam residence which has won a host of awards for its striking facade and interiors spaces.


The new building at 37 -49 O'Conner Street accommodates a performance space and gallery around a central garden and provide further accommodation within two apartments (used in conjunction with the performance space and gallery and not strata titled). The design for the subject site, known as Phoenix, is a collaboration with the central garden designed by Janet Laurence and 360 Degrees; the performance space designed Durbach Block Jaggers, the gallery by John Wardle Architects and Khai Liew as project curator.


Neilson acquired the site, as well as the terrace next door for about $10 million, and has since injected about $32 million into the project.

Indigo Slam Limited, the purchasing entity for the site is a company associated with Neilson, which with no shareholders, is run by Judith and associates, Robin Speed and Jonathan Teperson.


Chippendale has been transformed over the last 10 years following the completion of the Central Park and the rejuvenation of spaces like Spice Alley.