Historic Western Sydney estate makes way for Aerotropolis

A historic 16.5 acre parcel of land at 70 Eaton Road, Luddenham has sold for the first time in 152 years. The property forms part the Western Sydney Aerotropolis under a new Agribusiness ‘AGB’ zone that allows for a variety of uses and enables significant development of the area. The site sits directly adjacent the Western Sydney International Airport and Experience Centre.

Mrs Valerie Eaton, whose family played a key role in the development of Luddenham and after whom the Road is named, decided to sell the property steeped in Sydney’s history as the Aerotropolis looks to renew the area in time for the Western Sydney International Airport opening in 2026. “It is now time for the changing of the guard” Mrs Eaton remarked.

The sale of the sought-after location in the heart of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis provided an unprecedented opportunity to gain access to land adjoining the new Western Sydney Airport with direct access to Sydney’s planned third city centre Bradfield, according to Nick Estephen and Thomas Mosca of Colliers, who transacted the property.

“We are continuing to seeing demand for the area grow as we get closer to the new airport opening in 2026 and investors are realising the earlier they get in, the more they are likely to benefit in the future.” Mr Estephen said.

The NSW Government has committed $1.15 billion for development of Bradfield, which is located within just 4.5 kilometres of the Eaton site, enabling development of basic infrastructure across the 114 hectares over a four year period to attract private investment from major manufacturing and engineering firms. Bradfield will also house a metro station and be the epicentre of the Aerotropolis Core.

“The new AGB rezoning means highly sought after land is now available for agribusiness hubs, providing an extraordinary opportunity to invest in super-prime landholdings with direct access to the International Airport, Experience Centre and The Western Sydney Aerotropolis.” Mr Mosca said.

The type of businesses permitted within this unique zoning category include: Integrated Logistics Hub; Agriport; Integrated Intensive Production Hub; Australia Centre of Excellence Food Innovation; Fresh Product and Value Added Food Pharma Hub.

70 Eaton Road was sold via an Expressions of Interest (EOI) campaign on behalf of the Eaton family.


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