GURNER™ submits plans for first stage of landmark $1.7 billion Utopian world-first “Elysium Fields” precinct

21 March 2024

Lifestyle developer GURNER™ has this week submitted plans for the first stage of its Docklands mega-project, “Elysium Fields” which has been created around the concept of a futuristic wellness and anti-ageing utopia – where purchasers will have access to some of the world’s most advanced anti-ageing, holistic health and nature-based wellness principles within a city forest and landscape oasis.

Given the significant scale of the 27,000sqm site, the team prioritised a private community look and feel to create a self-contained biosphere-like design – the likes of which has previously only been seen in sci-fi movies – that will instil a sense of true tranquillity, making residents feel like they could by anywhere in the world as they enter the pristine, futuristic and inspiring oasis in the heart of Docklands.

The concept brings together Tim Gurner’s personal wellness journey and the latest in science-backed health and wellness, to deliver a regenerative anti-ageing and wellness experience that has been based on American Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman’s five pillars of health being: sleep, sunlight, movement, nutrition, and social connection.

At Elysium Fields, residents will have access to advanced anti-ageing protocols and equipment like cryotherapy, IV infusions, dry and infrared sauna, red light therapy, grounding and PEMF beds, alongside access to visit the Elysian Reverse Ageing Medical Clinic that will provide medical-grade treatments including MRIs, DEXA scans, brain scans, blood testing and personalised health plans.

Residents will also gain access to a new venue of Gurner Group’s sold out Saint Haven club that will be the largest in the Group’s portfolio at circa 5,000sqm, and an indulgent Haven Ancient Baths concept, also by Gurner Group, that will offer 15 different types of enriched water for optimum health.

The ancient bathhouse, to be known as Haven Ancient Baths, will be one of the world’s largest bathhouses, bringing together the latest technology while celebrating the history and science behind bathing from centuries-old traditions.

Designed by Fraser & Partners, GURNER™’s vision also includes over 3,700sqm of much-needed immersive public landscapes and gardens that will connect residents with the natural world, inspired by the verdant buildings of Singapore that meld the built form with abundant greenery.

The precinct will include a landscaped pedestrian-focused ‘path of life’ that runs the entirety of the north-south ground floor/podium plane that will be designed for running track, Yoga, meditation, training, exercise and recovery, alongside a rooftop sports court, a private wellness club, a pool club and 5,000sqm of retail, dining and public realm amenity.

The precinct will also feature its very own botanical gardens, be geared for a 24/7, interactive retail, dining and entertainment experience, and include a stunning, futuristic glass dome over the site, modelled on the concept of Elysium being the utopian afterlife.

The parks will be a key part of the offering, and are centred around the ancient Japanese principle of Forrest bathing. This will provide residents an opportunity to spend time among trees and greenery, akin to unwinding and relaxing in a forest, while still being in the heart of the city.

The journey to optimal health will continue inside each residence, with the homes designed to include filtered air purifiers, filtered water, access to northern sunlight, circadian lighting and optional recovery upgrades.

A Joint Venture between GURNER™ and City Harbour – a consortium which includes the Liberman family, which holds the development rights to the project – the Docklands precinct is located in a key strategic pocket that connects the southern end of the CBD with the Docklands harbour waterfront and the gateway to the western suburbs.

The 27,000sqm island infill site is located at 208-226 Harbour Esplanade, which once complete will encompass circa 1700 dwellings with and end value of $1.7 billion.

The development will include over 1,350 BTR and BTS apartments, a retail and hospitality precinct, 4-star short-stay hotel of circa 100 keys and another premier 5-star hotel in the main tower of over 250 keys, with state-of-the-art conference facilities, a business club and hospitality offerings.

The first stage includes three towers totalling 640 dwellings, of which GURNER™ plans to launch the first tower, a Build to Sell offering with 231 apartments, in Q3 this year.

The first building will be launched in Q3 2024, with construction starting at the same time.

While plans have previously been approved for the site, GURNER™ is submitting a revised scheme that aims to unlock more activation across a public realm and focus on pedestrian circulation, public amenity and increased connectivity to nature.

Planning approval for the precinct vests with the Minister for Planning, after which GURNER™ is aiming to launch the first tower to the market later this year.

Quotes attributable to GURNER™ Founder and Executive Chairman Tim Gurner

“Through Gurner Group’s focus on progressive wellness and holistic health, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our members and customers, I am increasingly driven to create an ultimate wellness experience for the communities in which our buildings sit, that brings together cutting-edge wellness and health amenities with a connection to nature, which we now know unequivocally improves sleep, our mental state of being and unlocks myriad health benefits.

“When you enter Elysium Fields, you will be stepping into another world – one that is serene, clean, vibrant and grounding, and when you’re amongst the project’s forest and landscape you’ll feel like you could be anywhere in the world, while being right on the doorstep of the CBD.

“Elysium Fields is going to be akin to a Utopian community, where residents can access the world’s best reverse ageing and health treatments while breathing in filtered air and drinking filtered water.

“We now have a huge amount of data and research about anti-ageing and optimal health via Saint Haven, Elysium Fields will see us execute this on a residential scale, meaning our community won’t just have access to the best treatments, they will be living and breathing it in their own homes, too.

“This precinct will be not just a place, but an immersive experience will rival other destinations not just within Australia but globally.

“We want to create a destination for flagship retail and transform the entire precinct into a premium and immersive extension of the CBD. A place where live performances, gallery exhibitions and public events can come together with a permanent focus on wellness, holistic health, greenery and connectivity to nature.

“We are re-greening Docklands and revitalising it as a place to visit, live, and focus on unlocking your best self via health and anti-ageing treatments.

“Our brief was to create Australia’s largest utopian wellness precinct surrounded by a living, breathing, green environment that promotes our grounding to nature.

“We would not come to Docklands for a small site where we could not have an impact. At over 27,000m of land we are creating our own city within a city, a sanctuary at the gateway to the CBD for our residents to live in luxury and privacy where they can have the best of both worlds, with access to the best Melbourne’s incredible city has on offer on their doorstep.

“My wife and I lived in Docklands in our 20s and we just loved the location and access to the city and all it has to offer. I have always wanted to make a positive impact on this area that has taken time to mature and thrive given some legacy planning and activation issues.

“ Our aim for this project is to completely transform and revitalise the Docklands, re-energising it with public gardens, greenery and an unprecedented connection to health and wellness.

“There will be absolutely nothing like this in Australia, this precinct will need to be seen to be believed and we can’t wait to launch it to the market later this year. ”