GPT Suffers Knock Back on $1.2bn Rouse Hill expansion plans

14 May 2021

GPT’s plans for a $1.2bn expansion of the Rouse Hill Town Centre have suffered a significant set back with Sydney Central City Planning Panel refusing the development application.

Under GPTs Concept Proposal, the 9.1 ha vacant site adjacent to the existing Town Centre would have been developed into a world-class mixed use transit oriented development containing approximately 2,500 residential apartments, an additional 10,100sqm of retail space, 10,600sqm of community and commercial space and 14,330sqm of public open space. The proposal also incorporates parking for an additional 3,400 cars and various integration works with the existing Town Centre.

The Planning Panel refused the DA due to a number of reasons, but particularly in regards to height, residential density, excess floor space, traffic congestions, its impacts on the locality and the lack of local and regional infrastructure to support the anticipated population. The Panel also noted that aspects of the proposal were premature and inconsistent with other existing and draft planning proposals.

The application was lodged by GPT in May 2019 and a separate Planning Proposal was lodged in December 2019 seeking approval to amend the LEPs provisions with respect to maximum heights, FSR and dwelling caps for the site.

Consideration of the Planning Proposal to amend the LEP is taking Council longer than anticipated and is tied up with a number of unrelated LEP amendments across the council area.

GPT have yet to comment on the refusal but lodged an appeal of the decision with the Council in early May. The Council have 6 months to review the appeal. GPT will be hoping that the other Planning Proposals will catch up time for a favourable outcome.

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