Goodman supports Ukraine humanitarian crisis with €1 million commitment

30 March 2022

Responding to the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and surrounding countries, the Goodman Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Goodman Group, is committing €1 million (AUD 1.4 million) to support emergency response and ongoing aid. 

Greg Goodman, CEO of Goodman Group, said: “As global citizens, we are deeply concerned about the humanitarian impact this conflict is having on Ukrainians. That’s why we are working with established organisations UNICEF and University Hospital of Brussels (UZ Brussel), to provide a tangible difference to people who need it most.  

“While Goodman does not have a presence in Ukraine or Russia, this war impacts everyone and the world we all live in. We have over 200 people in Europe who we’re joining with to support this cause. We stand with the people of Ukraine and hope that our immediate and medium-term support efforts, go some way in sustaining them through this terrible time.” 

The million euro commitment will be distributed in two phases. The first sees the Goodman Foundation donate €250,000 to support the initial set up and running costs of a UNICEF Blue Dot hub. These safe haven shelters are located at strategic points along migration routes to assist women and children who are fleeing the war on a daily basis. Blue Dot hubs provide essential support services including emergency supplies, medical and psychological first aid, logistics and supplies for the onward journey, child friendly spaces and activities and more. 

Goodman is also encouraging its team members, customers and investors, to donate to UNICEF via this link Goodman – Ukraine Emergency (, so funds can be directed to the provision and maintenance of more Blue Dot hubs. 

To provide rapid medical relief on the ground, Goodman is working with its Foundation Partner, UZ Brussel, to send €125,000 worth of medicine and medical equipment to hospitals in Ukraine in the coming weeks.

A further €125,000 has been allocated to UZ Brussel for future dedicated Ukrainian medical relief.

The impact of this humanitarian crisis will be felt for some time. That’s why Goodman has earmarked €500,000 in the second phase for initiatives that will help in the medium term. The Foundation is working to identify the appropriate projects that will provide tangible and sustainable benefits to support the people of Ukraine, now and in the future.