Goodman Quarterly Update June 2019

16 June 2019

Goodman Group delivered another strong performance for the nine months to March 2019, as customers continue to demand proximity to consumers in urban locations.


The current Goodman business includes;

  • Owning: $44.1bn of total assets under management 98% occupancy was maintained across the portfolio, with 2.6M square metres of new leases equal to $359M of net income as well as a like for like rental growth of 3.3% pa.
  • Developing: $3.7bn of development work in progress, expected to grow to $4bn by June. Completed $2.5bn of works with 81% leased on completion Started $2.4bn of new works covering 1.2m sqm
  • Managing: $40.8Bn of external assets under management 83% of Development is within Partnership arrangements