Goodman advances its sustainability strategy in 2021

14 December 2021

Reaching carbon neutral operations and implementing its carbon neutral development program, are just two of the key objectives achieved by Goodman Group this year as part of its 2030 Sustainability strategy.

Outlined in the Group’s 2021 Sustainability report “Change for the future” which was released today, Goodman is working closely with its customers and investors to implement practical and tangible programs to make positive change to the environment and the wider community.

“As one of the largest developers and managers of industrial real estate globally, we’re conscious of the significant role that we play in protecting the environment and safeguarding the future,” said Greg Goodman, CEO Goodman Group.

“During the year, we continued to make ESG fundamental to our business and core operations. Our focus has been on reducing our carbon emissions, as that’s where we can have the most positive impact. We kicked off our carbon neutral development program by measuring and setting carbon development baselines for all our projects globally. This provides a benchmark for us to work with our supply chain on low carbon and recycled materials. We’ll seek to offset what we’re not able to reduce.

Along with our Investment Partners, we have earmarked more than $700 million to be spent on sustainability initiatives including renewable energy and carbon reduction technologies over the next five years. Our initiatives are being welcomed by all our stakeholders, particularly our customers who have their own sustainability commitments.”

2021 ESG highlights covered in the report include:

  1. Our global operations were certified as Carbon Neutral by Climate Active
  2. We installed 70MW of solar on our rooftops, taking our global solar capacity to 125MW, which is well on our way to our 400MW target by 2025
  3. We finalised our transition to 100% certified GreenPower in our Australian operations which will increase Goodman’s global renewable electricity use to approximately 60%
  4. We began calculating embodied emissions for our developments globally as we move towards carbon neutral developments
  5. We implemented biodiversity initiatives including planting urban forests at multiple European sites
  6. Our Japanese Partnership was awarded Sector Leader in the 2021 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) in the industrial distribution warehouse category
  7. We continued rolling out smart irrigation technology across our portfolio
  8. We focused on supply chain ethics and developed a global supplier code of conduct centred on protecting human rights and preventing modern slavery
  9. We contributed $6.3 million to community and philanthropic causes including $400,000 raised by Goodman people
  10. We launched a $10 million global incentive to support people to buy electric vehicles.

Goodman’s 2021 Sustainability report “Change for the future” is available via the Goodman website .

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