Frasers Acquires Horsley Park Asset & On Sells another to the Logistics Trust

31 August 2019

Frasers has acquired a 10ha site in Horsley Park from CSR for $63.3m. CSR had been using the site as part of its brick manufacturing however clay resources onsite were exhausted and CSR proceeded to rehabilitate the site as an industrial park.


The total covers 50 hectares (ha) with Stage 1 now sold to Frasers. Stage 2 (20ha) is currently subject to an EOI process while it is being rehabilitated and Stage 3 (20ha) will continue to operate as a PGH Brick plant.


Frasers also sold into the Frasers Logistic Trust another 5.5ha site at 2 Hanson place, Eastern Creek for $65.5M. The site includes a recently completed 16,000sqm warehouse, with a second warehouse currently under construction.