EG-Backed Building Tech Company, IBMS, Rebrands To Sustainability-Focused ‘Avani’

31 January 2023

Leading smart building technology company, IBMS Pty Ltd, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding and will henceforth be known as Avani.

Avani offers a market-leading integrated systems platform (ISP) which helps reduce the environmental impact of commercial real estate. The Avani platform connects with, and provides instruction to, any digital device within new and existing buildings.

“Avani’s ‘read and write’ capability enables our clients to reduce their energy use and meet their environmental targets by automating building controls and tracking improvements across their portfolio”, said Avani Co-Founder, Paul Dearlove.

“Avani means ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit. The new company name reflects how we are using over 18 years’ company experience in building integration to focus on the ever-increasing demand for companies with large commercial real estate footprints to meet net zero pledges”, added Dearlove.

Avani’s technology is currently deployed in more than 250 buildings across Australia and New Zealand. Their clients include leading property owners and occupiers such as Credit Suisse, ISPT, HOYTS, and ALDI.

“The Avani platform has been a critical part of our energy reduction strategy over the past five years, and we continue to see improvements as a result of our relationship with the company” said Mark Seymour, Head of Facilities Management & Strategic Initiatives at HOYTS. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with Avani as they focus on improving the sustainability of the built environment which assists HOYTS move toward our goal of operating carbon neutral.”

In mid-2022, Avani received a significant capital injection from technology incubator, EGX, accelerating product development. The company’s legal name will remain IBMS Pty Ltd and it will trade as Avani.

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