COVID19 – Plan your Bank Discussion

7 April 2020

All business groups are facing unprecedented challenges in assessing and managing the impacts of COVID19.


One of the key issues Landlords and businesses need to consider is the approach to their financiers.


Most lenders have support and assistance packages in place for their clients. The landscape is however moving so quickly and policies are evolving each day that it’s important to maintain close relationships with financiers / lenders through this period.


To prepare for and obtain the best possible outcomes, businesses and landlords need to prepare comprehensive Business Plans which include;

  • comprehensive cash flow forecasts
  • actual government incentives that will assist the business cash flow
  • scenario analysis based with varying impacts from both depth and duration variables,
  • financial covenant impacts,
  • funding solutions – equity, debt


Without a comprehensive COVID Business Plan the discussion with lenders will likely head in the wrong direction.


Global accounting and wealth advisory firm, Findex, provide uniquely tailored, integrated solutions for people, businesses and institutions. Their Debt Advisory group are helping clients properly prepare to have a discussion with their bank(s)/lender(s).


The Findex team have implemented a process called Review, Restructure, Refinance, Replace – The Four Rs. This process is designed to assist clients to understand their current position and lending arrangements and reposition to maximise the support and resources available to them.


More broadly, the Findex team have highly qualified partners in tax, business analysts and business change management who can assist clients through this period and out the other side in as best a condition as possible.