Colliers unveils premier investment opportunity, Faulconbridge’s gateway to success

22 May 2024

Colliers presents an exceptional investment opportunity in the heart of Faulconbridge, NSW. Located on the renowned Great Western Highway, 709-713 Great Western Highway stands as a prime canvas for development, boasting a sprawling 36,900sqm of land.

This property occupies a prime location, situated between the vibrant city of Sydney and the picturesque Katoomba. Its strategic position along the Great Western Highway guarantees high visibility and foot traffic.

“This is more than just land,” says Nick Estephen, Colliers’ Director of Investment Services. “It’s a strategic asset that unlocks Faulconbridge’s true potential.”

The property possesses a unique advantage: existing use rights approved by the Blue Mountains City Council.  As Thomas Mosca, another Director of Investment Services at Colliers, highlights, “This approval signifies Faulconbridge’s progressive approach to development, providing investors with a solid foundation for their vision.”

Faulconbridge offers more than just commercial possibilities. It fosters a thriving community with a wealth of amenities. Residents enjoy a high quality of life with esteemed schools like Faulconbridge Public School, essential services like the Blue Mountains Hospital, and convenient shopping options at Springwood Village and Westfield Penrith.

The Great Western Highway acts as Faulconbridge’s central artery, seamlessly connecting it to surrounding areas and driving economic growth. Ongoing infrastructure upgrades position Faulconbridge to become a thriving hub in the region.

Expressions of interest for 709-713 Great Western Highway, Faulconbridge, closes on Thursday, 27th June 2024, at 2 pm (AEST).