Cleanaway finds Eastern Creek site for Waste to Power Transfer

14 October 2019

Australia’s largest waste management company, Cleanaway, have paid $19M for a site at 339 Wallgrove Rd, Eastern Creek to establish a facility to convert rubbish from households and local businesses into power for as many as 65,000 Western Sydney homes.


The 8.2ha site adjoins the M7 Motorway and is currently unzoned under the Western Sydney Parkland SEPP. The site adjoins an existing Suez Waste Transfer station and another operation recycling products from garden waste.


The new proposal targets red bin waste that cannot be recycled and would have the capacity to cut Western Sydney’s annual landfill volumes by 500,000 tonnes – almost a third of the red bin waste generated per year in the local area.


Cleanaway has entered into a joint venture with Macquarie Capital’s Green Investment Group to develop the energy from waste project. Cleanaway and Macquarie Capital are co-investing and co-developing the project which will ultimately be operated by Cleanaway.


The proposal remains subject to development approval, however if approved will pave the way for a facility using world’s best high-temperature combustion technology to safely create energy from waste – without generating harmful emissions.


Cleanaway CEO Vik Bansal said: “Western Sydney sends its residual waste to landfill at a rate of 2,400 Olympic sized swimming pools every year. By diverting waste from our landfills, energy from waste facility would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 450,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2E) each year. This is the same as taking approximately 100,000 cars off our roads."


“If we are successful, our facility would create 800 jobs during construction and 50 ongoing local jobs and bring new skills to NSW.” he said.