Notable first pre-lease signed in ground-breaking multi-level development

The first pre-lease within one of Australiaโ€™s newest multi-level developments has been secured, as occupiers look to move into the 20,000sqm two-level facility managed by Hale Capital Partners and owned by active industrial investor LaSalle Investment Management.

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Businesses seek to update their warehouses to accommodate new trends

Throughout 2022, COVID-19, the rise of e-commerce and urbanisation and other megatrends have created extraordinary challenges for industrial occupiers in Australia. But these recent events have also generated valuable opportunities for businesses looking to optimise their existing industrial space strategically.

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Centuria Industrial Reported Softening Assets Values

CIP completed external valuations on 28 investment properties, representing c.55% of its portfolio by value as at 31 December 2022. The remaining properties were subject to internal or Directorsโ€™ valuations.

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