Biggest increase in Green Star certifications shows sustainability on the rise

21 November 2023

Green Star certifications increased by more than 80% in the 2022-23 financial year, with over 800 certifications issued across Australia, showing sustainability is on the rise.

Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) A year in focus FY 2022-23 report shows Green Star reached over 4500 certifications, as it celebrated 20 years of Green Star, a clear indication of industry’s eagerness for a future-ready society.

Jorge Chapa, Chief Impact Officer at GBCA said “the idea behind Green Star was always to drive sustainability at scale, and the numbers and geographical spread in this report show just how much Green Star has changed the game for the building sector.”

“The 2022–23 financial year saw GBCA issue more than 840 Green Star certifications – the highest number since the inception of Green Star,” Mr. Chapa said.

“This year we saw an unprecedented number of certifications across a range of projects from universities to the interiors of retail stores, and from industrial precincts to sporting arenas hosting the Women’s FIFA World cup here in Australia.”

The report shows that more than 61 million square metres of building space is now Green Star certified. This translates to:

• 46% of CBD office space being Green Star certified
• 3.4 million people visit Green Star rated shopping centres each day
• 80,000 people live in Green Star rated apartment buildings
• 890,000 people live or work in the 70 Green Star communities we have certified
• 825,000 people visit and heal in Green Star certified hospitals each year

Mr. Chapa emphasised the importance of the relationship between Green Star, industry, and the community.
“2023 was the year of game changers, milestones, and growth for the GBCA, but also for industry who responded to the calls for a more sustainable, resilient, and healthy built environment.”

A year in focus FY 2022-23 report reveals the newest data around the uptake of sustainable, healthy, and resilient projects for the 2022–23 financial year.