Air Aroma selects Morris Moor as new headquarters, joining Melbourne’s premier business & lifestyle precinct

21 June 2024

Air Aroma, the global leader in scent marketing, has chosen Morris Moor in Moorabbin as its new Australian headquarters, drawn by the unique blend of business and lifestyle that this location offers. This strategic move not only signifies a significant milestone for Air Aroma but also underscores its unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.

“Morris Moor represents an exciting new chapter for Air Aroma,” says Alan Van Roemburg, CEO. “As a global pioneer in scent marketing for luxury brands, we are eager to continue crafting unique olfactive logos amongst a thriving community. Our new headquarters at Morris Moor will not only serve as a strategic hub for our operations but also as a testament to our continued dedication to excellence.”

The architectural elements and sustainability initiatives at Morris Moor were important considerations for Air Aroma, who were looking for a space that aligned with their brand.

“As a scent marketing company built from core values of design, innovation, and nature, we are thrilled to make this space home. Abundant natural light, thousands of indoor plants, a solar farm, and a black industrial aesthetic were features that really spoke to us and important considerations when selecting our new space. Morris Moor’s focus on wellness with bike storage, yoga, and green spaces support our commitment to employee satisfaction.”

Air Aroma has leased a generous space at Morris Moor, underlining the company’s confidence in the precinct’s potential and long-term vision. Along with tenants New Balance and Clik Collective, Air Aroma is joining a community of creative, forward-thinking businesses.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Air Aroma team to Morris Moor,” says Marcus Jankie, General Manager of Up Property, the owner of Morris Moor. “Air Aroma’s values and aspirations perfectly align with the vibrant community we are building here. Air Aroma’s innovative approach and global reach exemplify the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship that defines our precinct.”

Founded in Melbourne over twenty-five years ago, Air Aroma has earned global recognition for its bespoke scent solutions tailored to luxury brands. The company’s client portfolio is a roll call of prestigious names including Canada Goose, The Ritz-Carlton, Hugo Boss, Jaguar Land Rover, RM Williams, Cathay Pacific, and Sofitel. By leveraging the power of scent, Air Aroma builds immersive and unforgettable brand experiences for their customers.

“In a world where branding is everything, scent marketing plays a pivotal role in shaping brand identity,” explained Van Roemburg.” Our sense of smell is intricately linked to our emotions and memories, influencing 75% of our daily emotions. Through our collaboration with Morris Moor, we are excited to capture the essence of this dynamic precinct in a signature scent.”

A bespoke fragrance that delivers a multi-sensory experience creating an inviting atmosphere in Morris Moor, the scent leaves visitors with a sense of community and a contemporary impression. With scent characteristics of green, woody, and inviting, the Morris Moor scent includes notes of saffron, cedarwood, blond driftwood, violet, tobacco, sandalwood, birch foliage, sage, coriander, and hibiscus seeds.

“We have already had fantastic feedback. No doubt this will add to the uniqueness of Morris Moor, and we truly value being able to have these experiences and connections with the tenants of Morris Moor”, says Marcus Jankie.

With approximately 3000 square meters of leasing space still available at Morris Moor, including 2300 square meters currently under offer, the precinct continues to attract forward-thinking businesses seeking a strategic location for growth and innovation.

Air Aroma aims to commence operations at its new headquarters in June, further solidifying its position as a global leader in scent marketing solutions.