A solar fitout at Morris Moor delivers big returns

26 March 2024

Morris Moor, the transformative $200 million mixed-use development in Moorabbin, proudly announces the completion of its state-of-the-art solar installation in partnership with Energy Aware, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. The collaboration marks a significant step towards Morris Moor’s commitment to sustainability and the adaptive reuse of the former 1970s factory site.

One of the key sustainable features of Morris Moor is its solar infrastructure, supplied by Energy Aware. The 245kw solar system, comprising JA panels and SMA inverters, has been seamlessly integrated into the 62,700sqm complex. This strategic selection of components ensures maximum energy production and operational efficiency while fitting within the proposed roof space.

Energy Aware expects the solar system is to produce 273,640kWh annually, resulting in carbon savings of 344.58 tonnes per year. Executing a sustainability and environmentally focused strategy was a core philosophy of the refurbishment of Morris Moor, which is grounded in the principles of adaptive reuse. The addition of the solar power system is a critical further step in converting the existing buildings into an environmentally sustainable precinct,” says Marcus Jankie, General Manager Up Property.

Michael Lipson, Commercial Manager, Energy Aware, highlighted the benefits of developers like UP Property investing in sustainable solutions. “By embracing initiatives such as future- proofing developments with solar installations, developers can not only reduce operational costs for tenants but also contribute significantly to mitigating climate change.”

“The solar system at Morris Moor is part of the precincts overall sustainability initiatives. Morris Moor demonstrates the potential for adaptive reuse projects to lead the way in environmental practice,” adds Mr. Jankie.